Is there a future for arcades?

When was the last time you went to an arcade? Did you have a good time, or did you think it was a little bit dated? Gabriel Green explores whether arcades have a future.

(A university project designed to be broadcast on BBC Radio 1).

2015 Global Programming Apprentice task – 5 Days Of Summer (concept)

This is a clip from a task I made for the Global Programming Apprenticeship last year. It’s my own concept for a 5-day radio feature which would run on a Heart regional station – like Heart Cornwall.

The Poetry Postie Radio Show

In 2016, I worked on poet Sally Crabtree’s arts project, Poetry Postie, to produce/present a one-off radio programme about the project.

Pirates On The Prom: A Look Back (documentary clip)

I produced, narrated and edited my first documentary, ’Pirates on the Prom: A Look Back’ for Penwith Radio in 2014. This was a half-hour documentary about the world record attempt in Penzance for the most pirates gathered together. This involved co-ordinating reporters, planning the structure of the programme, and editing all the material into a finished package.